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Sazerac Lobby Logo 2 1 e1486125871203 - Sazerac Lobby: Jazz im Parkhotel Gütersloh

Sazerac Lobby: First-class jazz in the Parkhotel Guetersloh

Season: October to March

Dates: Every first Sunday of the month

Time: 18:30 to 20:30

Admission free!

First-class jazz music has a new home in Gütersloh.
Every first Sunday in the cold season, our lobby turns into the Sazerac Lobby. Whether you listen relaxed or want to enjoy a lively party – just have a nice evening!

The Sazerac Swingers are one of the currently best European bands in contemporary New Orleans jazz and swing.
Even one or two international surprise guests will surely find their way to the Sazerac lobby.

Incidentally, the band’s name derives from the world’s oldest cocktail, the Sazerac, which is the official drink of the city of New Orleans.
And according to the band, the best Sazerac on this side of the Mississippi is served in the ParkBar of the Parkhotel Guetersloh.

Food and beverage offer for the Sazerac Lobby

"kitchen experience"
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